If you are serious about keeping your field personnel safe, then we invite you to join over 900 utility companies around the world that have come to rely on our BTS equipment and training to prevent dog bites. Whether you are an electric, postal, gas, water, cable, telephone, delivery, municipal, cooperative or federal agency, you have men and women in the field encountering potentially hundreds of dangerous dogs and dangerous people every day.

Or maybe you are one of those folks that just love to walk around your neighborhood and relax. But that all changes when the stray or the neighbor's dog comes rushing toward you looking like a killer. Your leisurely stroll just became life threatening and high stress.

The average cost of a dog bite in the US is approx. $12,000. Over 1,000 people per day are treated for bite injuries. Close to 5 million people are bitten annually. Most go unreported.

Dog attacks and personal assaults are becoming more prevalent. Street Safety requires a multi-faceted approach to staying safe. We are the industry experts in these fields.

We take pride in the fact that we have never had a dog bite reported when the BTS system is used correctly in the field.

Choose the proven system that can drastically decrease:

  • worker injuries
  • insurance claims
  • customer complaints
  • dog injuries

And increase:

  • productivity
  • worker confidence
  • positive public relations

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The Bite Terminator® Occupational Dog Bite Prevention and Street Safety Awareness System are totally unique systems designed by field personnel and law enforcement for men and women working in the field every day.